Most of All…..Be Kind

Jesus taught us that the greatest commandment was to love our neighbor as ourselves. How many of us do that on a daily basis?

Its important to look at these types of scriptures and evaluate how we are implementing them in our life. How are we showing love, the kind of love mentioned by Jesus?

I think as we get older our perspective changes on so many levels. I see it most in the way I parent the littles versus the way I parented the bigs.

When you get older you realize time is fleeting and that your chubby faced 15 month old will be a gangly 19 year old before you blink twice, or so it seems.

You realize that the important things you give your children are not things at all but morals and values and biblical foundations that will carry them through life long after you are gone.

At our house, we place a lot of emphasis on being kind. Because to be kind is to show love. It’s something that we all seem (in my house anyway) to give to strangers and friends without question but inside the gray brick walls of our house it becomes a place to forget kindness.

Home is where you can let down your guard and you can be yourself but somehow that gets lost in the translation and sometimes becomes rude and petty and thinking of oneself over others.

I remember Cooper became enthralled by Calliou. Now any parent who is with their salt and has seen this show more than once can attest, Calliou is not the nicest or kindest child. He whines about everything and pretty much runs his house. His boundaries are few and it shows.

We banned the show much to Cooper’s dismay and every time she asked why we replied with “he’s not kind”. She finally quit asking because the answer never changed. We were instilling in her that kindness is something we want around us. Selfishness is not something we want to be around.

I wish it were as easy to retrain our brain as it is to teach a little child. We put our hands forth in love and kindness¬† UNTIL we are hurt…..then the world changes for us. We are slow to give grace and mercy and second chances to anyone other than ourselves.

I experienced some severe unkindness a few days ago. Back to back two days in a row, from different people.¬† My first reaction was extreme hurt and anger because this person(s) doesn’t know me, they Dont know my life or my story. They were running on assumptions and on the words of others.

I began to realize that this person doesn’t know my heart and my intent. They haven’t seen my scars and pain and they certainly don’t know my reasons for making important life decisions. Ultimately I forgave that person and told them to be blessed, but I’m not sure I even meant it at the time. It was the right thing to say, it was the acceptable thing to do but it was not heartfelt and honestly it was a bit snide. I felt a little ‘above the fray’ for saying those words. So, were they really kind then? Nope!!

God has continued to talk with me about the situation and today I’m actually going to take care of this in love and kindness. Because following the commandments of Jesus is more important to me than ego and pride. If I want to see these gifts in my children, I need to walk them in my own life.

Never feel like you are too good or too old to learn how to be better at life and love and living. And most of all… kind.