familyMy name is Shelly Deason and I am a God Chasing wife, mother, advocate and writer. I write from my experiences in learning how to walk with God and lean on Him for everything.

I grew up in western Kentucky in a small town and was married by the time I was 17. Cait and Logan were both born before I was 21. By the age of 30 I was divorced, had lost my kids and was lost in every way possible.

The last ten years God has brought such love and growth and restoration in my life. I have been married to Brad, my best friend, for almost 10 years. Cait and Logan are grown up and are on their own close to where we live in Hendersonville, TN.  We have added two beautiful babies to our lives, Cooper born in 2012 and Max born in 2013.

In 2015, we sold  MedLink, a company that I started in 2007. This company helps those without insurance to get their prescription medications from the pharmaceutical companies for free.

Brad and  I still work full time selling insurance for families all across the country. It is our desire to see people have affordable coverage that works. We also still operate a mail order pharmacy for prescription medications. Our insurance website is here.

It is my desire that this blog will help someone who is struggling to find their faith or to regain some joy they have lost. God is mighty and He is good, everything we go through is in His plan and even though sometimes that is a hard pill to swallow, over time you can see Him at work when you put Him first.


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