Nice to Meet you. . . .

shelly deason

My name is Shelly and it’s nice to meet you. I cannot wait to see where 2016 takes me. I’ve been blogging off and on for over 6  years. Who I am today is not who I was when I started. If you are new to my blog and you start from the beginning, you will probably see the change much more clearly than I did as it was happening. This year, my focus is going to be on walking in authenticity. In 2015 I have really looked inside and discovered who I am on many levels.

Words aren’t adequate for what this last year has done to change me. To allow me walk in the authenticity of who I am. To finally know me. To finally love me, rough edges and all. This year forgiveness bathed me in so many levels of my life and I walk different now. It could have been a way different story but God led me to a small new church on Center Point Road in Hendersonville, TN on a Wednesday night in November 2014.

There are many stories to tell and many to revisit from past years now that I can look at them and see how different my life has become and the changes God has made. Today I am just thankful for where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I am going. I am thankful for who I surround myself with and who I am accountable to.

But today, please look at this blog and know that at least, I AM no longer there.