On the brink of breaking

For the last five days I’ve been traveling to and from Florida on business. We are on the cusp of some big business moves and the training, brainstorming and marketing sessions that we attended are changing the face of how we do things at MedLink.

This is an exciting and scary time because since I started this venture at my kitchen table in 2007, we’ve grown a little at a time. That worked for a long time and then a series of events happened from 2012 – 2013 that made us start going backwards. We ended up having to cut everyone’s pay and even laid off an employee. Until you’ve had to tell someone you love that you’re cutting their pay or that you are eliminating your job, you don’t know how tough it is to be the owner of something. Knowing that people we love and respect depend on this business to make their bills weighs heavy on us all the time.

The first of the year started out bleak and Brad came to me and said that God had spoke to him and let him know this would be one of our best years yet. I wasn’t so sure it was God, maybe some bad pizza. Surely as bad as things were going for us, that couldn’t be true. As the year unfolded I doubted him and God more and more. As we cut pay, said goodbye to an employee, saw struggles in our personal life and those around us who we love I thought maybe that God whispered too soon or Brad was full of wishful thinking.

An opportunity came to us about 6 weeks ago. An opportunity to expand our business and take a leap of faith. We brought in an investor who believes in us and what we do. We rented a store front. We went to Florida for training. I’m meeting this week with the sign guy and picking out paint colors for the new office. Its been a tornado of activity and in the back of mind I keep hearing Brad say “God says this is going to be a good year for us”.

We went to the ocean on Sunday and as I sat alone I on the edge of gulf of mexico I watched the waves as they crashed. Some were tiny and some were so big they almost knocked me back. In fact, a few did knock me backward as I basked in the sun. I’m going to hold onto those memories for a long time and hold onto that promise that God gave us because I am those waves.

We have been on the brink of breaking for the last two years. Every time I feel like we can’t take one more disappointed look from our kids or give someone news that they don’t want to hear, God had folded us over like those waves and didn’t allow me to break. He allowed me and Brad to bend into Him and each other and take the brunt of it together. Those waves remind me that as the tide as went out, it will come in again, reshaping the landscape into something new and beautiful.

Just as we put our toes in the edge of the Gulf of Mexico and then ran in like 10 year olds full of life and carefree, we are going to jump into this new chapter and take this business in a new direction and believe that we can swim and not drown. We are going to trust in each other and our plan and see a new landscape form into something beautiful, one wave at a time.


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