Months 10 & 11

Just because I’ve not been on top of my blogging game lately doesn’t mean we’ve stopped taking pictures or enjoying all the new things Cooper does on a daily basis. It is so hard to believe that in less than one month she will be one.  As she sits beside me jumping up and down and going from laughter to tears and back, I realize just how blessed we are with this fiesty, funny, emotion-filled, cuddler that brightens every single day of our lives.

Here are her 10/11 months Photos.

10and11 months pictures

It seems like every day Cooper does something new. Like seriously, she can be throwing a fit with tears streaming down her face and then laughing like two seconds later. This child is really coming into her own and she is very opinionated.

Things I like to Do

Here are the last two months in pictures ~ Christmas, New Years and so much more. She now crawls everywhere and pulls up on everything. She is over 20 lbs now and can say Mama, Dada and Bye Bye ~ she says other stuff that only she can understand.

3 Christmases Collage


Christmas Morning Collage

She would rather eat on her own than let you help her so meal time is always interesting. She still sleeps about 10-12 hours per night but her day time naps are few and far between.

Making Messes While Mama Works


1-25-13 Logan Watches Cooper



Crazy How I Sleep Cooper and Evie Do Lunch New Years Eve


As you can see, we’ve been pretty busy and now it’s time to plan for my birthday party coming up very soon!

Hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with us!




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