9 Months +

I’m behind on this. I would like to say it’s because we had our 9 month check up and I wanted to update her stats with you. That’s partially true but it’s also true that I am just behind.

Front Cover Picture

Today we had our 9 month check up and she is doing amazing and hitting the marks that make the doctor happy, especially with her being 4 weeks early.

Weight ~ 19lb. 3.8 oz

Height ~ 27.5 inches tall

9 month collage

We’ve had a busy month and it seems like she gains leaps and bounds each month on the things she is interested in and how much she grows:

  • She now will go forward and backward in her walker
  • She continues to love both baths and showers
  • She would rather eat food than drink a bottle and at times will drink out of a cup
  • Favorite foods are banana puffs but she doesnt really care for the yogurt bites.
  • She got two teeth, the two bottom front within days of each other
  • Table foods that Cooper has enjoyed this month include: french fries, green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits, toast, oatmeal, rice, bananas, apples, banana pudding, chocolate pie, cream corn and cheerios.

Cooper likes to “ride dirty” ~ she acts crazy when you put her in her carseat or a buggy at the store. Here is a glimpse of her craziness.

riding dirty

We had our first visit with Santa and it went really well. She was intrigued with him and really took some good pictures.

Santas Lap collage

This month was Cooper’s first thanksgiving and she spent equal time with my family and Brad’s family. Here are some picture of her and her cousin Portlin, He is 3 months younger than her but you can’t tell because he is a big guy.


We had our annual Ugly Christmas sweater party on Dec 7th and Cooper was surrounded by her her friends Aiden and Evie. Here are the three cutest ugliest sweater participants.

ugly christmas sweater

Cooper also had her pictures done with Ms. Katie again and it was so much fun! We did our usual poses and then we did some super cute Christmas pictures as well as some of all three of us. Katie says that the pictures turned out so well that she is having a hard time choosing which ones to edit. Here is a sample of the ones she took and have showed us so far.

katie letcher collage


Cooper loves to be read to and a few weeks ago this was her and her daddy at Red Lobster reading a new book.

out to dinner


and while I get behind and I get busy and don’t post like I should, everyone knows that this little girls is definitely. . . . . .



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