7 months

This month has flown by ~ it is sad that Cooper is now closer to being a year old then being a baby. The rest of this year is going to be filled with so much business with vacation in October and then the holidays in November and December so I can’t imagine how fast these next five months will fly by.

Here she is, pretty as she can be, getting her 7 month picture done

There are so many new things that Cooper experienced this month. She sat in a buggy at the grocery store and sits up pretty much unassisted. Cooper still has no interest whatsoever in tummy-time and will let you know it is not where she chooses to be.

This month Cooper learned to push her walker backwards and can reach with both hands for anything she wants.

Cooper now reaches for someone she wants and whines for them to take her.

We had Katie Lecher take Cooper’s six month pictures and here are a few sneak peeks she has sent to us already. We also had family pictures made that same day. Wearing sweaters on a hot day in front of the fire place was a challenge but it’ll look good on the Christmas card, right?

Cooper had a cat scan to make sure the bones in her brain were fusing correctly and the results came back that everything was fine. When she came out of sedation she was drunk for about five minutes and she would switch from laughing to crying in a matter of minutes. This is us right as she was put to sleep.

We went to Wendell Smith’s for lunch with Uncle Chris and Aunt Leigh and Cooper sat in the high chair for almost the whole meal ~ she ate mashed potatoes and gravy and really enjoyed it.


We also got to spend some time with Cooper’s friend Evie ~ remember the picture from when they were about three months old? Well here they are today, Cooper has finally caught up with her as far as size goes.

Cooper spent three nights away from home with Aunt Heather and the girls in Kentucky. She came back much spoiled and quite loved.

This past weekend Daddy married Lauren and Johnathan, two of our Eklipse kids. Here is Cooper all dressed up and later in her PJ’s. She danced with Uncle Gus and will all the Eklipse girls.

We are headed out to California for vacation in four days so we will have lots to talk about next month. See you then!