Six Months ~ Better Late Than Never

I’m a few days late documenting Cooper’s 6 month for several reasons. I’ve had computer problems and she’s not slept very much since last Wednesday. All of a sudden, she no longer sleeps all night. We are trying to figure it out so hopefully we will all get back to a full nights sleep.

Another thing that held me up was that I wanted to do a 1 – 6 month photo and a few photos I had to really search for. But here she is, each month. It is amazing how much she’s grown in six months.


Cooper had her 6 month check up  on Friday and she’s grown so much ~ she is now 17 Lbs and 25 inches long. She is now in the 75th percentile and doing awesome. She is hitting all her developmental milestones right on track even though she was 4 weeks early.

This month had a lot of first for Cooper. She traveled to Kentucky with Logan and Caitlin and spent the night with her Nana for her first night away from home. She got her ears pierced and she attended her first Kari Jobe concert.


Nana came and spent four days with us and she spoiled Cooper and Mommy alike. All the laundry was done and the house was clean and the baby was loved on, all in all, a really great visit.  Gran Gran, Maude, Aunt Leigh and Uncle Chris came down and visited and we went to dinner at Jim and Nicks. You love your family so much and they love you too.


Speaking of being loved, here are some pictures of some of the people who love you so much! You sure do enjoy being with them.


You have discovered that your new best friend is your stuffed monkey. Here are some pictures of Cooper and her new love.


Lastly, as the month winded down, we got some great pictures of you on your actual 6 month birtday. You are 1/2 a year old. You are closer to being 1 years old every day and I wonder where time has went. I stood by your crib the other night, Cooper, and I cried as I looked at your sweet face as you slept. God has blessed us so much and I don’t want to take one day for granted. I love you sweet baby.