Five Months

What a busy month we’ve had. It seems like i just wrote the 4 month old post yesterday. It’s been a month filled with firsts and lots of company and fun. Cooper, this month, you seemed to just really come into your own. Talking out loud, screaming to get our attention and becoming increasingly social.
Your brother got a nice camera from his graduation money so he took your five month pictures for me yesterday. You are so good natured most of the time, I would have two or three more babies if they were all like you. You actually don’t hate to have us take your picture.

This month, you learned your sticker comes off and you decided you would crumple it up and eat it. Everything goes straight to your mouth these days. You are drooling constantly so you always have a bib on. No teeth are poking through yet but you gums are showing signs that it may happen soon.

I love seeing you grow and change month to month. Last month, you would barely look at a toy. Now, you will grasp it in your hand and put it right in your mouth. You watched Elmo on YouTube at the doctors office and seemed to like it alot. Then, you watched almost a whole Elmo movie with McKenzie in the nursery. Couch Potatoes Unite!

We had so much company this month and you were loved and spoiled by all. We had our friends from Maryland: Charlie, Angela & Andrea who stayed for an entire week. Then Aunt Heather, Uncle Mike and the girls stayed part of a weekend with us. Alicia and Alexia spent the night with you and Alexia wanted to kiss you but you weren’t too sure about it. Then, we had the fabulous five come in to stay for a quick night which included your Aunt Jerri, Grandma Sally, Grandma Louise. They brought Esther and Grandma Ruth all the way from Switzerland to see you. You rank pretty high little lady.

One of my favorite things to do is watch you sleep. You look like a little angel when you sleep and some of your sleep poses just crack me up. You do love your sleep. You usually sleep 10 hours every night and take several 45 min naps during the day. A growing girl needs her rest. You are drinking about 24 oz of milk daily and eating 1-2 regular sized jars of baby food. You weigh around 15 lbs.

When you are awake, who knows what face you will make. Some of your faces make you look just like daddy and others make you look just like Logan and Caitlin. I see all three of them in you, which makes you a pretty lucky girl, in my opinion. Your smile, it lights up the room and you give it freely.

You would think that our month was busy enough with all the company we had but we added to it by having a date night and Miss Kelsey watched you for us. Since she’s been out of school, Taylia has been helping with you during the day while I try to work. Now that she’s back in school, we are just working with your schedule. Toward the end of the month we took a trip, your first trip to Illinois or as your dad says, ‘Up Home’. You were really awesome for a 7 hour car ride. We stayed in our first hotel and you attended your first wedding. That was a busy 36 hour time period right there. We took in a bit of shopping and were ready to see the house by the time we got back, that’s for sure.

We also headed to Kentucky for the last weekend of the month for some birthday parties and were able to go to lunch and see cousin Portlin. Now Mommy realizes why she is so tired. This month was CRAZY. Until next time…..



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