Four Months Old

I cannot even tell you how this year is flying by. To think that you are 1/3 into your first year blows me away. Your personality has really started to shine through and you are happy, content and easily amused most of the time.

  • You love to laugh and smile
  • If you are full and dry, you are the most even tempered happy baby I’ve ever seen
  • Love to sit in your bumpo to eat or to just look around at your surroundings
  • The ceiling fan is still your best friend
  • Eats 25-30 oz of milk a day
  • Loves eating solid foods
  • New Foods you tried and liked: carrots, applesauce, green beans, avocados and bananas.
  • Avocado and bananas mixed is by far your favorite food
  • Went To Vacation Bible School for the first time.
  • Still loves to sleep inclined, usually with your arms above your head
  • You sleep at least 8 hours every night, sometimes 10, we finally feel like we get sleep again.
  • You weigh in at 13 lb. 7.8 oz
  • Your length is 23 1/4 inches long
  • We tried the bath again, you still hate it but you are getting too squirmy for the shower
  • Nana came and stayed with you for four days and spoiled you alot
  • Gran Gran came and stayed with you for four days and also spoiled you alot
  • When you are tired you want to be laid down for bed to fall asleep on your own. You get very irritated if you are tired and we are trying to rock and cuddle with you.
  • You got to meet your new cousin, Portlin Parker when he was just a few days old.
  • You rarely, if ever, take a pacifier anymore.
Here are  few shots of you throughout this month. You are our heart and we love discovering the new things about you every day.

We got your three month pictures made this month by the awesomely talented Katie Lecher and here is a sample of those pictures as well as a comparitive with those that Jennifer McKinney took of you fro your newborn shoot. It is astonishing how much she has grown in these short months

We thank God every day He brought you to us, Cooper Rae Hensley Deason, you have made our family fuller and richer and complete.