3 Months Today

I need to better at blogging so that I am not just blogging the monthly milestones. I remember a day when I thought all the time about my next blog and how much blogging helped me to grow as a person. I gotta work on that more, but for today, we are baby blogging.

I cannot believe all the growth Cooper has experience this month.  The milestones are just starting to roll along. Here are a few, followed by some awfully cute pictures as well. Enjoy.

  • Smiles and Coos at Everyone
  • Logan is her favorite person to smile at
  • Loves to have Logan play the guitar and sing
  • Slept longer than 8 hours, at least three times, you better believe I’m counting that
  • Responds to her name sometimes
  • Holds head up well
  • Loves to swing and look out the window at the trees
  • Laughed out Loud
  • Loves to look at the ceiling fan
  • Eats 25-30 oz of milk a day
  • Started on Solid Foods
  • New Foods she tried and liked: Sweet Potatoes, Squash and Rice Cereal
  • Started going to the Nursery at church
  • Likes to sleep inclined, either in the carseat or on a boppy
  • Weighs close to 10 lbs now
  • Loves classical music
  • Hates to be woke up for any reason
  • Hates a bath but loves a shower, will even just let the water run down her face and not mind

We also got our newborn photo shoot pictures back and I have included a few of my favorites here. You can see the rest of them on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/shellydeason


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