2 Months

Cooper, today you are two months old. You were not really too crazy about documenting that, though.

It is so hard to imagine that you are even here, much less that you are getting so big and growing so fast.

You are such a joy, you make my heart smile when I look in your eyes.

You have your Daddy wrapped up pretty tight.

And your sister.

And your brother.

And the Puppies.

This month, you met your friend Evie for the first time at The Pharmacy, one of our favorite places to eat. ┬áMommy and Evie’s Mommy met when we were pregnant and Evie was born two days after you were. You can’t tell that in this picture though, because you are still catching up in size.

You went for your two month check up today and your stats were:

Height: 20.25 “

Weight: 8 Lb. 12 Oz.

You are now in the 10th percentile which is a great improvement over where you were last month (1st percentile)

You have started taking 5-6 ounces of formula at a feeding and are sleeping better at night sometimes now. You also work beside Mommy sometimes in your very own office chair.

We were as surprised as you when on one night, you slept 11 hours and I kept getting up to make sure you were breathing but you were just super tired.

This month you have learned to smile and when you do, your whole face lights up.

You have been pretty gassy this past month too and we’ve given you probiotics and changed to a formula for fussiness and gas and it has seemed to help.

I could sit and look at you for hours. I see all of us in you, I see your dad’s cleft chin and profile, I see your sisters eyes, I see your brothers nose and I see your grandmothers features. You are the perfect medley of those who love you and you bring us so much happiness.