You are Here

How did we get here? Seven years ago, I walked into a bingo hall just trying to sell some ads. What I found instead has made my life fuller, richer, funnier, crazier, bolder, and happier than the whole 30 years previous.

I am amazed that every day I love you more and that whether we are discussing the significance of beating Billie Jean King in a game of tennis or where God is leading us in our lives, it is always, if nothing else, interesting.

I love that you get me. I love that you know that even though I seem harsh and bossy on the outside,  that this is not who I am and that you nuture the good parts of me and help me push through the yucky parts.

I love that thinking about your face makes me smile. no matter if we head to Morton’s or McDonald’s, date night with you is always where I want to be. Especially with some Sweet CeCe’s.

I would rather be poor with you (and I have been, lol) than rich with anyone else in this world. We thought that this five year milestone  would be a cruise or heading for a vacation in Cali but things haven’t quite worked out that way this time. One day they will but until then, I will enjoy spending the day working side by side with my best friend, holding your hand and laughing as we recount how far we’ve come. This last few weeks have been an emotional, mental, and financial challenge but I’m proud of how we got here and I like where we are and am excited about where we are going.

Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for taking a chance with your heart. Thank you for loving me~

~ Shells~


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