Who is this girl?

Who is this girl who captured my heart 18 years ago today?

She is a girl who loves wearing camouflage and thinks that the country is the place to live.


She’s  the belle of the prom and has a smile that lights up the room.

She’s the girl who graduates in 17 days.

She’s the girl who cares more about being with her friends than actual colorguard.

She’s the girl who loves her brother even when she doesn’t act like it.

She’s the girl who loves babies and puppies.

She’s the girl I am proud to call mine.

Today, she’s not a girl, Today she is now a woman and while my heart swells in pride of who she is and who she is continuing to become, at the same time my heart breaks for the girl she used to be. My sincere hope is that I did enough as a mom to give her what she needs to be the adult. My hope is that she learned enough from me to take the good of me and incorporate it in her life and to take the bad in me and NOT be that at all. My prayer is that her love for Jesus guides her and will make up for all the stuff I did wrong and just didn’t do at all.

We’ve had a rough couple of months, trying to transition to this thing called adulthood. I’ve had a hard time stepping back and letting her go but I’m learning every day and have never been more proud to call her my girl.

Happy Birthday Cait!

I love you!


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