>I’ll take your bag ~ will you take mine?

Normally I don’t find many nuggets for Christianity in television. On a recent episode of  “How I Met Your Mother”,  Ted was talking about looking for love. He was talking about how every woman he met had some kind of baggage:

  • I live at home with my Mom
  • I was left at the altar
  • I came from a broken home
  • I’m afraid of commitment

~ the comical part of all this was that they people carried actual bags and luggage that had these saying on them.

How man of us have bags that say things like this?

  • my dad hit me
  • a church hurt me
  • my husband left me
  • my child is sexually active
  • I don’t know how I’m going to pay my rent
  • I lost my job
  • Life feels unfair

We all have bags that we carry and as christians, we don’t like others to see our baggage. We like to pretend everyone else around us has baggage, but not us. We are bag free, carefree, full of Jesus and have no worries, right? But when we are honest and look deep in ourselves, we all have our own bags . It is time to be Christ-like and not only start acknowledging our own bags, but to quit judging our friends bags and help them carry them.

If I want to get real with this blog today, my bags are so heavy and full right now that if I dropped one of them, I would probably break my foot. As I struggle through this trial of frustration and wonder if the bag can hold one more thing, another rock seems to fall into it. Wait a minute, the bag got lighter, nope, that was a mistake, the rocks were just shifting to make room for more.

I do know this, that if we share our bags they seem lighter even if they aren’t. Just knowing someone else sees the baggage and is aware of it by giving a smile or making you laugh when you want to cry is one of the best gifts you can give someone. So today, carry someone’s bag for a minute by praying for them.  Walk a mile in their shoes and help them with their bag because tomorrow your bag may be too much and you will need them like they need you now.



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