>Feels Like Home

>Man our weekend away was wonderful. We packed so much into those 2.5 days we felt we had been gone for a week. We laughed, cried, got lost (multiple times), enjoyed a God-Centered wedding, met new friends, shopped for Drums, made out good at the Goodwill, decorated wedding cakes and cupcakes, met with a pastor friend for some guidance on our future, went to the Eklipse yard sale (was accosted by Devon and King and sold a fountain that does not work), pulled over by the police (for not wearing seat belts) and just all around enjoyed ourselves. Believe it or not, I did not take one picture.

Upon our Saturday evening homecoming we were greeted by our four kiddos, human and canine with great happiness. Except for our smallest human, who was sound asleep.

Sunday we arrived at Point of Mercy about 5 minutes late because we were pulled over before we left Hoptown for, guess what, not having out seat belts on. . .we were again overwhelmed by the welcoming spirit of the congregation, the annointed singing and a really timely and God-sent message by Bro Livingston. With all the confusion of the past six months it was just nice to feel like we were home. Walking in Point of Mercy on Sunday morning was much like coming home on Saturday night, less the canines.

We continue to seek God’s face to make sure we are landing in the right place but it already says so much when it already feels like home. For all of you who have been following our journey and have lifted us up, thank you. I know it wont’ be long until our footing is sure again because God has shown us that He is taking care of our situations, spiritually, physically and financially.


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