>Rocks ~ Part 3 ~ Its all about the Friction

>There are those earth-shattering things that happen to us that bring us to our knees. Divorce, abuse, death, loss of job, the list could go on and on, right? Sometimes we put the real weight of what changes our life on those things but I want us to look at something small that changes us quiety, slowly and profoundly.

Its Friction ~
Webster Defines Friction as:

1. surface resistance to relative motion, as of a body sliding or rolling.
2. the rubbing of the surface of one body against that of another.
3. dissension or conflict between persons, nations, etc., because of differing ideas, wishes, etc.

Today is Sunday and I started this post (what you see above) on Thursday and couldn’t get direction on how to finish. I had so many things in my head to say but I really knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God would show me when and how to continue.

Well he has. My heart was really on definition #2 The rubbing of the surface of one body against another. It reminds me of when you stop and put your feet in a cold stream and those smooth stones are beneath your feet. God didn’t create them smooth but allowed them to be smooth by the friction of one rubbing against the other and rubbing against the current and rubbing against the feet of youngsters playing in the water. God puts things in our lives to smooth our edges. To enable us to be able to move into the next level of what he has for us.

I say this a lot, but each life situation we face helps shape us for the next one IF, if being the word, we learn something and put that to work in our life.

My family is facing a huge change, good change but huge which I will write more about as time and wisdom and God allows but I look back on the last three years and know that the people and places and lives that I have rubbed against is what will enable me to make this next step in my life and in the life of my family.

I love the Lord so much and am so amazed by His timing. My timing is never right, but his is always right. If we set our clocks to ‘jesus time’ we will never be too early or too late. . .




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