>Opportunity’s Knock

>Sometimes when we start something we know how it will end. When we get up to turn a light on, baring the bulb has blown, we know light will emit from the room, right? We know that when we turn the key, our car will start. There are somethings we know to be true because they happen everyday. We don’t really need faith for that, in fact, we tend to take these things for granted and not only are they not things we need faith for, they are things we expect.

What if we did that with the unkown, the unseen? What if we pursued a job expecting something great to come of it? What if we loved our spouse with all we are expecting to have the best relationship we have ever known? What if we, as my cousin has recently done, put our house on the market in this down economy expecting a sold sign to pop up any day? What if we just expected the best to happen and then is does? That is how we can grow our faith today! Expect greatness from God and even when the answer isnt’ clear or the one we expected.. find GOd in it.




One thought on “>Opportunity’s Knock

  1. Nichole's Journey says:

    >Love it! If you are dying of thirst, you know that you need water. However, you must drink the water. That is how we must exercise our faith. We have to believe and live as if it is coming to pass!

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