>Purposeful or Perfect?

>What do I lives really matter in the big scheme of things. What purpose are we here for? Of course, for me, our ultimate purpose as Christians is to show forth Christ through our lives and lead others to him.

But what does that really mean? For me, that means being myself but letting God shine through that, which is not always easy for Him to do because I still have too much of me and need more of Him. Too many people, just as I have before, put on a ‘the christian walk’, we act like a christian for certain people and are truly ourselves with other people. God wants us to be who we are, but striving to be who He is. Then, even when we are not perfect, others can still see Him and know that God takes imperfect people.

In Matthew 5:6 Jesus says, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, For they shall be filled.” It is so important to strive after perfection but it is a just as important to know that we are not! Paul was talking to the Phillipian church when he said “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus”. (Phillipians 3:14) Paul knew that he wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t keep him from striving in that direction.

If non-believers only see the ‘perfect’ Christians, how are they going to feel comfortable being one. They know they are not perfect so why would Christ accept them? It is not our job to be perfect. It is our job to show the love of Christ to a sinful world so that they are drawn by that. This then will open doors to share what Jesus has done and is still doing in our lives. There is a tired saying “we are the only Jesus some will ever see” but it is true. There are some people who would never step in the door of the church so when we bump their cart at Wal-Mart and apologize with a smile, that may be the only church they see. When we are waited on in a restaurant and the waitress overhears ALL of our conversation, did she hear Jesus in any of it? Or did she just see people like her?

Let’s take a minute and remember today what our purpose is in this life. Sure, we want to provide more for our kids than we had. Sure, we want to be comfortable financially. Sure, we want to get a new puppy. These things are all good and wonderful but our real purpose is what matters in the end. Not that we appeared ‘perfect’ but that we walked with a purpose.




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