>God is in the middle of the Circle. . . .

>Today I find myself thinking about circles, don’t really know why. I think my life sometimes I feel like I circle the same situations over and over again until I get them right. In society, there are so many thoughts about circles.

We talk about “may the circle be unbroken” when it comes to tradition and to our closeness with family and with God.

We talk about “breaking the circles” of addiction, of abuse, of broken homes, of being uneducated.

We talk about coming “Full Circle”, which to me is for all things to be right again as they were before.

When we have a day that is not productive we feel like we are “going in circles” spinning around and never getting any where; yet when we have a great day “we are running circles around the competition”

We have friends that are in our “inner circle”; those we trust and confide in more than others; those we would stake our lives on the fact that they will be our friends to the end.

What is most important about our circles, no matter how big, how small, how broken, is that Jesus be the center. When He is the center of the circle we can stand when it grows, when it shrinks, when it comes apart at the sides. The Bible says in Isaiah that he “is the wheel in the middle of the wheel” he is the focus because as the wheel turns, so do the tire around it. Let’s put God in the center and we won’t veer off course today!


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