>Back to the Heart of it All

>Today I am introspective. I have so many things on my plate that I should be doing, but none of it seems to get done. I appear busy but am unaccomplished in my goals. I want to write my goals down here and be accountable because I know that I can do these things if I just push past my flesh and start taking the necessary steps. I am really wanting to throw up instead of put my goals out here for all to see (the 4 people that read my blog- well ya gotta start somewhere, right?)

Anyway, here I go: (I will bold the entries as I complete them or feel I am really being consistent)

  • Pray Daily ~ Seeking God’s Will for my life and business
  • Enroll 5 new clients per week
  • Reach 100 clients by August
  • Hire a part-time person to help grow the business
  • Get out in the community and make new contacts weekly
  • Get moved into new office and have it finished by Saturday afternoon
  • Don’t give up on myself when I screw up ~ persevere
  • Laugh More ~ My family says I need to chillax
  • Make a to do list each night for the next daily
  • Maintain Focus
  • Limit Facebook and Twitter Usage
  • Be thankful that God gave me this opportunity and ability

That’s all for now ~ goodness that was harder than I thought it would be



2 thoughts on “>Back to the Heart of it All

  1. Jen says:

    >I’m with you on the limiting facebook and twitter business. I SO need to do that too! I love that you say “chillax” I say that to Bradyn all the time. Good luck with you goals. =) You can do it!!!

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