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What a Wonderful Weekend. . .
We are such a blessed family. We have incredible friends, an incredible church and an amazing family. Our weekend started off so full of fun. We received a gift of a night at the union station hotel in Nashville. It was spectacular. We ate at J Alexander’s downtown, which was awesome! The only complaint (which is my complaint only, Brad was excited about this part because apparently, I am a bed hog) is that the bed was so big I felt like I was sleeping alone. I missed my husband…

Saturday morning I had planned a surprise from Brad. We met an old friend (and a new one) for breakfast and it was a great time sharing what the Lord is working in our lives. We ended up spending three hours together and I am thankful that God has re-introduced these folks into our lives for this time of growth and strength to each other.
The rest of the day, we spent the day finishing some Christmas shopping, meeting the Pastor and family for some lunch, and watching the movie “7 Pounds”. This movie was hauntingly sad but really showed love and compassion that I’ve not seen in a Hollywood film in a while. I would recommend it to you for the simple fact of it makes you think about what you have and that we should treasure it.
Sunday morning we had an awesome church service. I have included some pictures of where the Carter’s decorated the place for Christmas. It looks so pretty and the work they put into it shows.

Sunday afternoon brought the first Christmas celebration to our home. Chris and Leigh and Marlena came down and we had ham and meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, pretzel salad and chess cake bars for lunch. Present time was a blast, as always. We truly realize how blessed we are to have family that loves and cares for us. Seeing the kids get a ton of neat stuff was fun to watch.

The kids played video games all afternoon and then we watched Wall-E, which is now a family fave.

So, our weekend was good. . .and it was a good thing, because Monday was yucky for the most part.. but the ending was good. We took the fam to O’Charleys and I did the photo shoot seen here despite the non-cooperation of my family. Brad finally put his hand over his face so I would quit taking pictures.


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