>Wow….What a Day!


Today, is not a good day. My online faxing is not working and everything I set to do is going wrong. My work phone is on the fritz and I cannot get anything accomplished work-wise.

I had a melt down before Brad went to work and even threw my stapler across the room (not at anyone, of course, just so frustrated). My wonderful husband shooed me away from my computer so that I could go get a bite to eat and veg out while he got things fixed. I went to the fridge and as I opened the door, stuff just starting falling out, out rolled 3 cans of Dr. Pepper and 2 bottles of Gaterade. . I just left them on the floor and walked to teh living room with my garlic bagel chips. See, now that I am writing this it seems funny. Funny was not how it felt three hours ago.

So, Brad found me a new fax service which is awesome and after having my carmel dipped green apples, I decided I would come on back and give work another shot. Alas, yes alas, that is a good word for my day. . . now my phone wont hold a charge and I can’t get it to come on. I know I probably have 15 messages (that’s no joke) from clients checking the progress of their cases and my hands are tied until I can get my phone back up and running. I am going with God had a different purpose for me today instead of being buried in paperwork, or he has at least wants me to find humor in the irritations of this day.

In the midst of it all, my husband sent me the sweetest, most loving email. In thie middle of this horrible day, my friend was here for me! I am so lucky!

This afternoon, I am probably going to be a ‘grandmother’..LOL. . .Today Logan is supposed to bring home his ‘baby think it over’ . . He is stoked about it. He has names picked out and everything. . . I hope he is as excited when it wakes him up at 3am. . .because I’m not getting up with it. . I will fill you in on that later.


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